Today, I want to share with the reader that in the past months, I have noticed a considerable increase in the consultation of cases, where the medical negligence has been of such magnitude, that you do not need to be a doctor to notice it. These cases are occurring, not just with internists, but, every day with more frequency, with specialists in private offices and hospitals.

Some of these cases, for example, are the administration of medication to which the patient is allergic to, causing their death, the administration of medication against the indicated recommendations of the manufacturer and the FDA (“Federal Food and Drug Administration”), which causes severe neurological damages, the bad introduction of intravenous serums that “penetrate” and are not verified by the nurses causing secondary and third degree burns, which require multiple surgeries, and falls that cause multiple fractures and several surgeries, especially among older people, to say some.

Far from these cases being a medical malpractice, they are cases that indicate a lack of basic responsibility, as that of the “cautious and reasonable man”. I hope that these consultations are pure coincidence and not the beginning of a tendency of inexcusable medical negligence.