According to the newspaper article titled “Exención contributive para evitar el éxodo de los medicos” published in El Vocero de Puerto Rico on September 7, 2016, the candidate for governor for the “Partido Nuevo Progresista” (PNP), Ricardo Roselló, has proposed extending a tax exemption to doctors that would last between 15 to 20 years. Said proposal origins as a method to avoid and decrease the exodus of doctors from the Island. According to Roselló’s exemption plan, doctors would be allowed to have a tax rate of 4%, while doctors must reside and work as doctors in Puerto Rico in order to receive the exemption.  The exemption plan would also establish a 2 year term for doctors to accept the tax benefit.

Said candidate also proposes the creation of an arbitrage model, based on the Florida and Georgia models, through which specialized courtrooms would be created in order to attend medical malpractice suits. Under the arbitrage model proposed by Roselló, the judges in charge of these courtrooms would have a legal and medical expertise, every case would be given a medical consideration since the courtrooms would be specialized and setting limits in this type of cases would not be needed.

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