According to the newspaper El Nuevo Día, on April 27th, 2013, Puerto Rico’s medical institutions conglomerate, which operate under HIMA’s umbrella, has just ended their contract with MMM (“Medicare y Mucho Más”) medical insurer, in order to provide medical services to the golden age. According to Jaime Rivera Dueño, HIMA’s excecutive vice-president, the institution rejects the figure of the “hospitalists” in medical facilities. The “hospitalist” is an internist or general doctor with a base in the hospital, who places a medical insurance plan inside the hospital’s facilities as a way of acting as a link, according to some, between the patients, primary care physician, hospital and a health care plan. But Rivera Dueño harshly criticized the hospitalists by saying that “it is immoral, it should be ilegal and should not be permitted”. He explained that said doctors do not undergo the credential process required by hospitals in order to ensure their preparation. While, MMM indicated that HIMA’s intention was to negotiate an increase pay of 9%. In our opinion, both companies are incorrect. It is deplorable that powerful companies are more worried about their finances than the patient’s health.