According to the article “Efecto domino por la situación fiscal en los hospitales” de Marga Parés Arroyo from August 28, 2017 published in the newspaper El Nuevo Día, the countries hospitals are going through an economic crisis which has led them to fire personnel from the emergency and operating rooms, to close floors and departments. This economic crisis has affected all hospitals in the Island, small hospitals as well as bigger ones such as HIMA San Pablo, Menonita, Pavía and Doctor’s Center. Among the reasons why the countries hospitals are going through this crisis are: people and doctors leaving the country, lower number of patients, lower numbers in natality, and problems with the healthcare plans. According to the article many of these hospitals are having problems with the healthcare plans since they are not making the payments or are late in paying them, which has caused that different departments in the hospital be closed and that personnel be fired contributing to the fiscal crisis of the Island’s hospitals.

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