The internet page El Espectador, on July 3, 2016, published an article titled “Las mujeres que se atrevieron a mostrar sus cicatrices por cirugías mal hechas” by Maria Paulina Baena Jaramillo, which contains the story of 9 women who submitted themselves to plastic surgeries and ended with adverse consequences. The article is accompanied by photographs of each one of the 9 women showing the result of the surgeries, each and every one of them the result of a medical malpractice.  The article shows how during the last months it has been brought to light and it is being discussed the trend of doctors taking 6 month to 2 year courses in Brazil, obtaining “doubtful” diplomas from universities in Perú and Argentina. These doctors began doing these procedures having the endorsement from the Ministry of Education in Columbia and the bill that regulated these procedures was stopped by Congress.

The article shows the history of 9 women showing their physical damages through photographs. These women also express what their emotional and economic damages, among others are.

We include here a photograph of 21 years old Lorena Beltrán, who underwent a breast reduction surgery by Dr. Francisco Sales Puccini. Lorena states that she had a wound in the inferior part of her breast that did not closed correctly, that a finger fit said wound, that liquid began to pour out and she had to used hygienic towels in her braws, that doctor prescribed a dermatological medication which provoked a bad scar and that she had emotional changes, that she underwent a correction surgery which was worse, that it is traumatic to put on make-up on her breasts before her face.


Photograph: Christian Garavito

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