Our society has outcast the senior citizen’s population. In the last 10 years, the percentage of elders in Puerto Rico’s population has increased, and it is forecast that it will continue increasing, just like it is happening in the North American population. This makes all the more important, the establishment of homes and care center for the elders. Still, the establishment of said center must abide Puerto Rico’s statutes and regulations.

The Family Department’s Regulation 7349, sets the guides and parameters for the establishment and maintenance of elders care centers in Puerto Rico. Among its clauses and conditions, the regulation specifies all the conditions needed in order to operate a senior citizens care center, including, but not limited to the acquisition of a license, qualified personnel, physical facilities and auxiliary and emergency medical services. Due to their age, medical and mental condition, the regulation is very important in order to adequately audit their operation. If they do not comply with the regulation’s dispositions, an administrative remedy exists against the center through a process before the Family Department. Also, a civil lawsuit can be filed if the elder has suffered any damage caused by the center’s negligence. Typically, senior citizens who do not receive adequate care in one of these centers can suffer from, falls, fractures, bleeding, undernourishment, dehydration, electrolyte unbalance, pressure or decubitus ulcers, among other damages.