Damages, Medical Malpractice, Birth Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Damage, Erb’s Palsy and Personal Injuries in Puerto Rico and Chicago

Medical malpractice is a growing social problem that afflicts us all, which has been aggravated by the implementation of health and tort reforms that has taken away from patients the quality and accessibility to medical services needed by them and the ability to be fairly compensated when damaged. As a result of the medical malpractice that occurs every day, patients suffer from chronic physical damages, permanent disability, physical and emotional pain, loss of income, medical expenses and even death.

Most of our cases are related to deaths, cerebral palsy, total disability, disfigurement, dismemberment, trauma or damage at birth, cerebral or spinal damages, and other injuries related to a negligent diagnose or treatment of a medical condition by a doctor or a hospital, including, but not limited to, emergency and surgery rooms.


Some of the type of Medical Malpractice cases managed by SolerLaw (multiple other types of cases have been managed):

  • Partial or total or permanent damages caused by car accidents
  • Deaths caused by car accidents as a driver, passenger or pedestrian
  • Neurologic cervical damages caused by whiplash
  • Loss of arms, hands or legs due to an accident
  • Loss of sight due to an accident or medical malpractice
  • Damages to the common bile duct or common hepatic duct during a laparoscopic removal of the gallbladder
  • Death caused by intoxication of prescriptions
  • Death due to a lack of early detection of uterus, breast, colon and liver cancer
  • Death due to an accident involving negligence
  • Death caused by other reasons
  • Vaginal damages due to surgery or outpatient procedures
  • Skin damages due to chemicals or prescription drugs
  • Skin damages due to mutilation
  • Internal organ damages such as uterus, intestines, lungs, heart, ureters, prostate, stomach
  • Sepsis and multi-organ damages due to sepsis
  • Unnecessary or contraindicated surgery
  • Unnecessary removal of both ovaries and uterus
  • Total disability and vegetative state due to an allergic reaction to a medicine
  • Deaths due to administration of contraindicated prescriptions
  • Deaths due to lack of medical evaluation and monitoring
  • Total disability due to an explosion
  • Esophagus damages due to a strange body in foods
  • Deaths caused by contraindicated transfusion
  • Hip and femur fractures due to a fall in a nursing home
  • Kidney damages due to incorrect administration of antibiotics and radiological contrast
  • Development of fistula due to an unnecessary surgery
  • Deaths due to lack of stabilization of vital signs
  • Neurological damages and delayed development in a newborn due to lack of oxygen and fetal distress during birth
  • Neurological damages to a newborn due to meconium during birth
  • Neurological damages to a newborn due to “Erb’s Parly” and shoulder dystocia
  • Metastasis of testicular cancer due to a lack of adequate diagnosis and treatment
  • Deaths caused by lack of adequate diagnosis and treatment of a heart attack, myocardial infraction, stroke
  • Fetal death caused by gestational diabetes
  • Fetal death caused by lack of early treatment
  • Acute appendicitis and peritonitis and sepsis due to a lack of adequate diagnosis and treatment
  • Orthopedic surgery to an arm incorrectly performed
  • Intestinal perforation during a colonoscopy