According to the article “Doña María “por poco muere” en el HIMA de Caguas” by José Karlo Pagán from August 31, 2017 published by the newspaper Primer Hora, María, a 71 years old female, almost died asphyxiated at Hospital HIMA Caguas. According to the article, Mrs. María was hospitalized after arriving at the Emergency Room, and waiting almost 6 hours, due to the fact that she had water in her lungs. While she was hospitalized, Mrs. María tells that she started coughing and requested Robitussin to a nurse, which was never brought. Then, at around 10:00pm, she started to cough severely and pressed the button in order to call for the nurses, but it did not work. Mrs. María was asphyxiating, so she had to get up from the bed and go to the nurses’ counter with all the cables, IV and Foley, in order to scream for help. It was at that moment that she was given the medicine. Mrs. María tells that she was given a bell in order to let the nurses know when she needed something but that when she used it, the nurses did not hear her. She also tells of how, when she was taken from the ER to the room, they did not change the bed sheets. By words of Mrs. Maria, she indicated that she would have asphyxiated and died there.

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