According to the article of July 28th, 2016 of the newspaper El Nuevo Dia by Marga Parés Arroyo, doctors attribute insurance companies as the reason of their exodus from Puerto Rico. Doctor David Bragin, who was interviewed for this article, indicated that he refuses to lower the quality of the treatment to patients. Said doctor indicates that he considers it to be a sad situation that insurance companies are the ones who determine the time that a doctor takes examining a patient. This was one of the reasons why Dr. Bragin decided to move to the State of Washington with his family. The article indicates that from the 14,000 doctor practicing in Puerto Rico by 2006, only 9,000 remain active. The article also includes as the reasons attributed to the exodus of doctors from Puerto Rico the following: 1) lower rates by the insurance companies; 2) delay in payments by insurance companies and denial of the services provided; 3) delay and denial of insurance companies in the concession of number of providers to doctors recently graduated; 4) few residencies in Puerto Rico; 5) increase in the medical malpractice premiums due to frivolous lawsuits; 6) lower payments to Medicare and Medicaid Puerto Rico and 7) the expulsion of Medicare providers without reason.

To read the complete article, access the following link:  http://www.elnuevodia.com/noticias/locales/nota/merehusoabajarlacalidad-2224944/.