On February 9, 2013, El Nuevo Día published that “finally” Puerto Rico’s government opened the facilities of the new Trauma Center of Centro Médico. This facility, created by Aníbal Acevedo Vilá’s administration, was ready since 2009, but was empty and not in use. Governor Alejandro García Padilla, recently inaugurated the facility and alleged that “for some reason that nobody can explain, [the Trauma Center] was not used. The only comment that resonates through the corridors of this place is that it was not used because it was from Acevedo Vilá’s administration”. Said comment by the Governor is consistent with the past administration’s politics, in particular, of believing the wrong premise that there are no sufficient trauma facilities, which causes patient overcrowding, contributing to the creation of the Regulation 8131, which facilitates the certification of different trauma centers under the protection blanket of the compensation limit of $75,000 for damages caused by medical malpractice.